I didn’t change

I didn’t change my clothes that day. Just home after a game of basketball. Tennessee hot, even in what should have been fall, made me sweat all the time even then. And then a scream on the other end of the landline (when we still had those) of grief and confusion. Seventeen years later, I […]

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The Kids On TV

My friend Erin Wathen asked me to guest blog on her Patheos site, Irreverin, this week. I decided to write about my experience with the young leaders of Chattanooga Students Leading Change. You can read my entry here.

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David Buttrick had the sort of rich, not-of-this-Earth voice that you expect from a professor of preaching. It was deep but it rang out, in the chapel, in the classroom, from whatever place he transformed into a pulpit. He was nearing the end of his career when I had him for class–“Theology of Proclamation and […]

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Introduction to Theodicy

She believed that evil was, ultimately, something banal. She liked to tell her students that she learned about original sin sharing a refrigerator with two roommates. The darkest cruelty she ever experienced was brushed off by a high school principal who would drink himself to death years later. “Boys will be boys,” he shrugged. “You’ll […]

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A Prayer for Orlando

Holy One It is a familiar grief that we bring before you How Long, O Lord must we etch out the same words? Words of sorrow Words of angry grief and words of disbelief at something that we watch happen again and again repeated like a sick litany of hate. We bring our shock, our […]

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Blasphemy 4

Mark 13 There will come a time when the words you scribble will stop being hushed by self-righteous censure and will instead taste like hard metal in your mouth as if you had a tongue forged of old shrapnel and rhymes that shed their beauty and what makes them clever. But that is the difference […]

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