Contested History: A Parable

I am five years old, standing on the sidewalk at a Fourth of July parade with my mother, my aunt, and my sisters. Before the parade begins, a vendor comes by with a cart full of balloons and other kitschy souvenirs. We are each allowed one. There are the twisty-tie kind, contorted into animals. There […]

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What do we do?

It looks to be a Christmas warm enough for hiking. We will kick up the leaves, decide which fellow travelers we greet With a ‘Happy Holidays’ and which we greet with a ‘Merry Christmas” And because this year is different from all other years, we will peak inside each and every house to see which […]

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Country Song #137

I know the way to Nashville by heart. I don’t know it like a native, sure only know it as someone who remembers it in a certain freeze-frame. So when I drive in and see the cranes (the kind that build skyscraping condos, not the kind that land on them) dance across the horizon, as […]

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Parking Garage

The quiet here surprises me. Less than a mile away, Rush hour is gearing up But here, on the ground floor beneath tons of concrete I almost hear The kind of quiet that greets the first morning of camping The patient quiet of glass supporting the heavier-by-the-second lean of a young child held between gasp […]

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My dog digs trying to set down roots she digs up glass instead This was an empty lot for years. In the short-off distance, a neighbor sings that she is a “poor wayfaring stranger.” She’s digging in, too. Her roof is a week old. brand new. She ain’t going nowhere. Not anytime soon.

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