When Your Dead Friends Come Back

The dead are here, they never go away So I never ask them to… –Hiss Golden Messenger  “Mahogany Dread” It all started with self-promotion. I was considering the best way to promote my blog. There’s only so much organic attention that you can garner when you throw your blog out into the cyberverse, so if […]

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At the end of the day when the sun is making its way down and you sit in the backyard on a crooked picnic bench keeping the weight of the day as steady as you can a lover, a child, or a domesticated beast will place its head on your shoulder and you will feel […]

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Pickup Line 16

 I don’t even know where to begin.  Six years ago, when everything went to Hell?  Four years ago, when I left Kansas for good?  18 years ago?  Today? She hated this class.  She hadn’t always been a numbers girl, but since she started college, she looked for facts, stats, the quantifiable.  But a Liberal Arts […]

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Pickup Line 12

“You made the news.” “I know,” he told her. “We do have tvs here.” The inside was nothing like what you see on television.  That would be a vast improvement.  You’re not divided by bullet proof glass.  He wasn’t even in the same room.  Instead she had to talk to him via video system with […]

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Pickup Line 10

She could kill him. Just kill him. She had ignored the phone calls from Texas all morning.  She had 6 kids today and didn’t want to deal with telemarketers.  Even if you’re running a daycare out of your home, it’s still all about marketing and branding, and that means you can’t have little Susie telling […]

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