Holy Saturday

A right holiday only for a pagan heathen or heretic. A day set aside for the silence of God. silence or death, depending. Either way, a day for the old man to leave you the hell alone. Not even a real rain shower, just fits and starts The rending done, the watch abandoned, it’s quiet […]

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Holy Iowa

You came up behind me as quiet as death, Iowa. White-haired pilgrim Chrysler death with your hanging clothes stretched across your backseat because who likes wrinkled button-up shirts with button-down collars; who wants to iron blouses on the road, Snow bird? Who wants anything to stand in the way of getting to grandkids, granddogs, the […]

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Dumpster Fire: A Parable

This will not be the year I thought last year shouldn’t have been he said he could hear the heart-ruminations beating against her temple from the inside out. I will walk more, march more, sell more, buy less, build more, meme less, write more. I will tear down, build up, use up, reduce, reuse, resist, […]

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I. They fought like hell over that border, I’m told. The Tigers and the Free Staters Hating each other to death, shoot on sight. These days, you can find the rumpled shirts and smoke stained fingers of their aging children nubbing down the old wooden pencils, playing KENO at the Twin Cities Tavern. You cross […]

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A blessing for an adventure

May you travel light Especially when it comes to worries. May you breathe an unfamiliar air in Like the gift of a long lost friend May you meander just enough to know The place you’ll long to discover next time May beasts and children and saints meet You in the coming, the going, and return. […]

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Gentrification #2

I hear him wailing. My hound dog and I have taken to walking through the neighborhood as of late. He has discovered that he is more of a city dog than anything else. He no longer has the patience or the guts for the woods. His ears will pick up the noise of a hawk […]

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