Contested History: A Parable

I am five years old, standing on the sidewalk at a Fourth of July parade with my mother, my aunt, and my sisters. Before the parade begins, a vendor comes by with a cart full of balloons and other kitschy souvenirs. We are each allowed one. There are the twisty-tie kind, contorted into animals. There […]

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Even the Good Days

“I tell you life is sweet, in spite of the misery… There’s so much more. Be grateful” Even the good days in ministry can have their hard edges.  Today was one of those days. Churches like the one I serve are one of the final places where a person can organically experience intergenerational community.  We’re […]

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A Jailhouse Preacher Named Bud.

As my wife and I prepare for our upcoming move, we’ve been taking lots of time going through our things.  It isn’t always easy to parse through the mementos by which you mark your memories.  Of course, there are the things that seemed to mean a lot years ago that mean nothing now–a middle school […]

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Belgrade 1

I’m spending a couple of weeks in Belgrade, Serbia, doing some contract work.  I hope to be able to occasionally post some of my impressions, thoughts, and stories.  I made a field visit with some partners and colleagues today and wanted to narrativize my experience before I lost it. The cold war era high rises […]

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Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time on the road for work. I’ve driven through a number of different states, finding myself in communities of all sorts. I have found myself following GPS directions that led to an unexpected ferry ride, driven past more natural disaster sites than I can […]

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