I didn’t change

I didn’t change my clothes that day. Just home after a game of basketball. Tennessee hot, even in what should have been fall, made me sweat all the time even then. And then a scream on the other end of the landline (when we still had those) of grief and confusion. Seventeen years later, I […]

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John Denver’s Phone Number

I want to tell you about the time I had John Denver’s phone number. Or at least the possibility of having his number. By the time I might have had it, though, he was gone, having tried once more to touch the sun. It was in one of those pre-palm pilot organizers, long before smartphones. […]

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Overdue Books: Still A Mother

Still A Mother: Journeys Through Perinatal Bereavement Edited by Joy Freeman and Tabatha Johnson I have a small stack of three books for which I’ve promised to write book reviews. I finally made the time to read them and sketch out my thoughts. These reviews will be appearing in my blog this week. Also reviewed […]

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Blasphemy 4

Mark 13 There will come a time when the words you scribble will stop being hushed by self-righteous censure and will instead taste like hard metal in your mouth as if you had a tongue forged of old shrapnel and rhymes that shed their beauty and what makes them clever. But that is the difference […]

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When Your Dead Friends Come Back

The dead are here, they never go away So I never ask them to… –Hiss Golden Messenger  “Mahogany Dread” It all started with self-promotion. I was considering the best way to promote my blog. There’s only so much organic attention that you can garner when you throw your blog out into the cyberverse, so if […]

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Visit: a New Basement Page

“To curse me for the life we left behind us Is to misremember what was cost For from the vacant cradle To the empty kitchen table Show me what was precious that was lost I’m sorry that I said it, and I know it might be reckless show me what was precious that was lost” […]

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