Gentrification #2

I hear him wailing. My hound dog and I have taken to walking through the neighborhood as of late. He has discovered that he is more of a city dog than anything else. He no longer has the patience or the guts for the woods. His ears will pick up the noise of a hawk […]

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What do we do?

It looks to be a Christmas warm enough for hiking. We will kick up the leaves, decide which fellow travelers we greet With a ‘Happy Holidays’ and which we greet with a ‘Merry Christmas” And because this year is different from all other years, we will peak inside each and every house to see which […]

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No stable animals lowing On this mid winter morning Only the stealthy silence of a pointer mix bounding at every Squirrel she sees. Even the clucks Of the urban chickens next door Have silenced. Though Perhaps they are silent not out Of reverence but because they Could not lay. Their goose, as We might tell […]

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