Gentrification #2

I hear him wailing. My hound dog and I have taken to walking through the neighborhood as of late. He has discovered that he is more of a city dog than anything else. He no longer has the patience or the guts for the woods. His ears will pick up the noise of a hawk […]

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The Kids On TV

My friend Erin Wathen asked me to guest blog on her Patheos site, Irreverin, this week. I decided to write about my experience with the young leaders of Chattanooga Students Leading Change. You can read my entry here.

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A Litany For All Saints

A Litany For All Saints, offered as part of communion at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Chattanooga, TN, on November 5, 2017, as our remembrance of the Saints of the Church. For the best of who we are, the saints we remember. For those who have followed a cloud by day and a pillar […]

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Contested History: A Parable

I am five years old, standing on the sidewalk at a Fourth of July parade with my mother, my aunt, and my sisters. Before the parade begins, a vendor comes by with a cart full of balloons and other kitschy souvenirs. We are each allowed one. There are the twisty-tie kind, contorted into animals. There […]

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An Ash Wednesday Prayer 2017

In the dark of a night when no sleep comes We look up No stars on nights like this crowded in by clouds We still look up In the cold, we are shivering. As the wind shakes the world around us, we shudder. We brace ourselves, our eyes searching for you. We trudge on Holy […]

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