A Full Second

“Time may give you more than your poor bones could ever take” –Iron and Wine On my way to meet someone else in the Alzheimer’s ward I stumble upon two strangers (to me, at least. Perhaps they were strangers to one another an hour before; perhaps they will be strangers again in an hour). His […]

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Even the Good Days

“I tell you life is sweet, in spite of the misery… There’s so much more. Be grateful” Even the good days in ministry can have their hard edges.  Today was one of those days. Churches like the one I serve are one of the final places where a person can organically experience intergenerational community.  We’re […]

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ohgod I said stretching out my back with a sick pop while the whole world turned away from the screen While watching the midterm election results tonight, I stood up and my elbow (which I broke about 5 years ago). I was already thinking about the second part of the poem (not particularly original, given […]

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