I didn’t change

I didn’t change my clothes that day. Just home after a game of basketball. Tennessee hot, even in what should have been fall, made me sweat all the time even then. And then a scream on the other end of the landline (when we still had those) of grief and confusion. Seventeen years later, I […]

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Gentrification #2

I hear him wailing. My hound dog and I have taken to walking through the neighborhood as of late. He has discovered that he is more of a city dog than anything else. He no longer has the patience or the guts for the woods. His ears will pick up the noise of a hawk […]

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The Kids On TV

My friend Erin Wathen asked me to guest blog on her Patheos site, Irreverin, this week. I decided to write about my experience with the young leaders of Chattanooga Students Leading Change. You can read my entry here.

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