I do not know how one became singed Or how these two orphans decided that they would be the ones to remain out of a set of four place settings. This remaining set reminds me of an old apartment–my first– and friends who gathered there for meals poorly prepared. The faux jade, scratched by years […]

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Ironman Sunday

I like the moment In the sanctuary When it is first Quiet When I am the last one there I run my hand along the tops of the edge of the pews I swear the marks look like Masking tape was peeled off, having once lined each one. I scour the rows, humming to myself; […]

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Contested History: A Parable

I am five years old, standing on the sidewalk at a Fourth of July parade with my mother, my aunt, and my sisters. Before the parade begins, a vendor comes by with a cart full of balloons and other kitschy souvenirs. We are each allowed one. There are the twisty-tie kind, contorted into animals. There […]

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Eucharistic Theology #5

Like a trembling jack sprat who eats no fat no bread, not even the barbecue brought special up the mountain she has lost her taste for it all. But you will lean over her anyway lean in and tell her you have homemade peach ice cream made by your wife Her bed, shaded by leaves […]

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Prayer 7.2.2017

So many questions O God Whys and Hows Curious questions, questions filled with wonderment Questions, Lamentful and Often furious We set them at your feet It is you with whom we seek wisdom and understanding It is you to whom we look for mercy and hope It is you with whom we know we are […]

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