Thin Places: A Letter Home

I first heard the term “Thin Spaces,” when I was in Divinity School. Eric Weiner’s New York Times Essay from a few years back perhaps best describes the concept: Travel to thin places does not necessarily lead to anything as grandiose as a “spiritual breakthrough,” whatever that means, but it does disorient. It confuses. We […]

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A blessing for an adventure

May you travel light Especially when it comes to worries. May you breathe an unfamiliar air in Like the gift of a long lost friend May you meander just enough to know The place you’ll long to discover next time May beasts and children and saints meet You in the coming, the going, and return. […]

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I didn’t change

I didn’t change my clothes that day. Just home after a game of basketball. Tennessee hot, even in what should have been fall, made me sweat all the time even then. And then a scream on the other end of the landline (when we still had those) of grief and confusion. Seventeen years later, I […]

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Gentrification #2

I hear him wailing. My hound dog and I have taken to walking through the neighborhood as of late. He has discovered that he is more of a city dog than anything else. He no longer has the patience or the guts for the woods. His ears will pick up the noise of a hawk […]

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