Dumpster Fire: A Parable

This will not be the year

I thought last year shouldn’t have been

he said

he could hear the heart-ruminations beating against her temple

from the inside out.

I will walk more, march more, sell more, buy less, build more, meme less, write more.

I will tear down, build up, use up, reduce, reuse, resist, recycle, reclaim.

More time Avenging. Less time Averaging.

for I am optimistic.

I will rescue a puppy, raise a child, hike the mountain, take to the public square, take out the trash on time. All by December.

I will watch what I eat, watch out for my neighbors, watch those neighbors, (you know the ones), pluck my nose hairs, be less nosey.

I will be more informed in this information age.

I will stop saying Bourgeois and start buying Beaujolais.

This will be my year.

And when the pounding passed, she asked him–just once–if he would just remember

That this year can not

must not

only be about him.

But it’d be good if he took out the trash, too.

Before December.

*Author’s Note:  This is not a piece about a conversation between two people.  It’s about the collective conversation our culture seems unable to have. A peace-filled New Year to you!


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