An Ash Wednesday Prayer 2018

It is in the shadow of the sundown
that we find our waking hour
Our bodies sore from the waking up
and from the burdens we carry.
And so we bring our aching to you.

O Lord Hear Our Prayer

It is dust, and mud, and memory
that we stack upon our backs
that we use to cover our heads
that we build into shelter and weight
that we carry here. That we long to leave behind.

O Lord, Hear Our Prayer

It is the not-so-rare moment of regret.
The hours wasted in self-pity, in anger, in hurt, in turning from one another
that we bring here. Unanswered phone calls, Letters never sent, words never said.
The turning away from your Kingdom. From Your hope. From your Call.
That is what settles its way into our hearts and in the pits of our stomachs

O Lord, Hear Our Prayer

It is in coming to you, Holy One, that we realize
We have been so busy shaking the weight of this dusty world,
that we have forgotten that we are the very dust we shake off.
May we hear your voice in the whispering of that very dust,
in the confrontation that we are often what we long to forget
That we are mortal, even as we are yours for eternity.

O Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

So be it
So be it
May it be so.


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