A thousand times, no

A thousand times, no
I do not like that album
I did not like it when
we started dating, and
I told you that even
before I knew I liked you;
please do not play it now

because I am in the middle
of something.

It is a grand plan, this something
because it always is a grand plan
the kind that builds aqueducts or
dreams up their interiors or
simply sets aside the last piece of
fruit so that my day is a thousand times

It’s absurd to save the last piece of
fruit for a man playing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
on repeat; it’s absurd to come home to a room full of
cupcakes or anise cookies or fake vomit or roses. It
is absurd to live so big in a quiet little house in
a quiet little town

But I say yes to this, a thousand times.


One thought on “A thousand times, no

  1. Thanks Brandon….still saying yes 30 yrs. later!

    Best of Ash Wed. and Valentines.




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