Prayer 3.26.17

cropped-img_49061.jpgIt is the quick kick of anxiousness

that awakens us in

the dark night.
The long, slow

silence that lulls

nothing to sleep

Our ears perked

our heartbeat quickening
Holy One

This is what we have.

It is the grief we anticipate

and the grief that outlasts every year

The memory of missed chances

forks in the road not taken

Lives we never had
Holy One

This is what we bring to you.
It is the hurt we shoved back in the back of our mind

The way we have turned our neighbor’s light into darkness

The way we have sought our own wholeness on the back of another’s fragmentation.

The way we deny the things we know we need to others who need them, too.
Holy One,

This is our offering.
It is confession that we offer

and a repentent hope
that we long for.
We seek to learn

love for neighbor


and love for you.
We seek to be

navigators of ways

dreamers of dreams

prophets of justice

Makers of Peace
God beyond language

meet us in the places where our words

will never suffice
Give us new words

holy and true

enough to still

our anxious, quickening hearts
This we pray

as a prayer for ourselves

and for the world.


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