The New Basement Pages

IMG_1710I was reorganizing some things in our basement a couple of days ago and got to thinking about the pages and pages of writing I have locked away in a few storage bins.  I have journals and notebooks that go back as far as high school that I’ve held onto–for sentimental reasons or out of some sort of optimism that someday they might turn into something better.

So, inspired by the recent release of The New Basement Tapeswhich features several musicians re-working and arranging some “long-lost” lyrics written by Bob Dylan, I thought I’d explore my “long-lost” writing to see if there was anything worth saving.

After a couple of hours in the basement this morning, I found a few. I also found a ton of cringe-worthy stuff that makes me want to take my poor angst-ridden teenage self aside and tell him to chill out.  So–anyway–in the internet tradition of “Throwback Thursdays,” I have picked out several pieces from my piles and stashes that have some potential to be reworked, and I’ll post them in the coming weeks.  I have some other ideas I’ll be spending some time on, too, and of course, there will be things that happen that just cause me to write, but after my “a story every day” experiment, I’ve found myself craving another writing project.

So, stick around for this one, and if I do post something that began as a sad, angsty scribble by 16 year old me, don’t laugh too hard.  I’ve already laughed enough for both of us.


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