I wanted to end my little three month experiment with a thank you note to all of you have read my attempts at fiction, poetry, memoir, and essays.  I’ve enjoyed the discipline of daily writing; it’s helped me launch two big projects, as well as develop other good material to draw upon in the future. I’ve enjoyed the discipline of daily writing, and to play with style, explore a number of topics, and just write.  As I’ve told several people, I haven’t been this productive since college.

I’ll still be contributing to this blog, probably once or twice a week. I’ll probably play with the larger fiction projects some, but I will probably shift them to a less public platform in order to work out the kinks and do some serious workshopping.  If anybody who’s keeping up with this has interest in swapping and workshopping online, let me know.

And for the record, as of this evening, this three month’s worth of writing has garnered 4095 views.  I’m thrilled with that amount of interest–many of you that I know “in real life” have let me know you enjoy the blog.  Thanks so much for the support.

and as for today’s story, I will leave you all, dear reader, with one line, from the continuation of one project  I won’t name it, but I’ll let you all venture a guess, should you wish to do so:

“Just because he was a terrible journalism student doesn’t mean he was not a good journalist.  It was, after all, in his blood.”

Happy writing, friends.  Keep your eye on this page.  I’ll be back soon.


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