Dry Clean

She rarely told the truth, but that’s because she rarely had anything interesting to say.  But that all changed when she opened up the cleaners that day.

It was rainy, and she was tired.  She’d been up way too late, talking to Bobby on the phone.  She missed him.

She hated working at the cleaners, but was grateful it didn’t open until 9, and she could get there as late as 8:30 to open.  Count the drawer, change the sign, turn on the lights.  Clothes weren’t delivered until about 3:15 in the afternoon, just as the school across the street usually closed.  Her last job had her clock in around 7 AM, which meant out the door at 6:30, if she hurried. 9 AM was more her speed.  There were usually haircuts in motion next door, pizza crusts already rising two doors down.  The cash paid for gold guy was usually getting there about the same time she was.  He flirted with her some.  She always sneered when he did.  He was cute, but he had an accent, so she thought he was probably Muslim, and she didn’t need that.  This is Kansas, after all.  Besides, whether or not he was all that aware of where things stood, she did have to consider Bobby.

Everything seemed normal when she pulled her car into the back of the strip mall.  Cash paid for Gold guy wasn’t there yet.  Good.  She didn’t have the energy to even ignore small talk.  She unlocked the back door, just like always.  But when she opened it up, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

She saw the mattress first, because it blocked the door between the office and the front of the store.  Then she saw the little boy tucked up into himself on the opposite corner.  More specifically, she noticed his pirate costume.

Just an image that I thought of this evening while getting ready for bed.  Not sure where this one is going yet.  


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