Small Town

The snow comes, crisp pellets on the ground, making corn husks crinkle underneath its weight–Just a mile from the strip malls, car dealerships, a Pizza Hut and a chain drugstore.  Town turns to country so easily up here.  You’d never guess you were as close as you are to a Macy’s and to the airport.  It’s a mid-November that already feels like December; of course, early November could’ve been mistaken for September this year.  Here, on the cusp of the Northern end of the Metro, the Patagonian suburbs give way to Carhart Americana.  You figure neighbors know one another and that that is both good and bad.  You figure the news travels fast, however little there is.  You figure it’s hard to leave and hard to stay and hard to show up as a newcomer.  You don’t know how much the brand new welcome to town sign lies and how much truth it tells.

We drove to Smithville, MO today. It has been a cold, wintry week, and it began to snow today.  Just some impressions.


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