An Ash Wednesday Prayer 2020

It is a heavy gift Holy One to be created in your image To discover our own beauty To delight in one another To breathe in the sweetness of an early spring To feel the swift hurt that comes when we discover the betrayal that our friends are capable of that we are capable of … Continue reading An Ash Wednesday Prayer 2020

Speck: A Confession

I remember being in high school, and expressing an opinion, and being told by classmates that they were praying for me because of that opinion. It was their sincerely held conviction that I was wrong. It was my sincerely held conviction that I was correct. I remember the deep shame I felt when I’d hear … Continue reading Speck: A Confession

Christmas Shopping

I am a breathing time machine --The Avett Brothers Even stop lights blink a bright red and green as the shoppers rush home with their treasures --"Silver Bells" I've just finished an appointment with a colleague at a Starbucks up by the mall. It is early December, and it actually feels like December, which doesn't … Continue reading Christmas Shopping

King Herod Will Always Hunt Down The Rohingya

With a flick of my finger to my phone, I can tell you when my Christmas gifts leave a warehouse in some small town adjacent to a bigger city, hike across a state, a region, a country, and when the delivery service signs off on them after they are dropped on my porch. And with … Continue reading King Herod Will Always Hunt Down The Rohingya

A Prayer for Late Autumn

Maybe it’s the crisp leaves  under our feet Holy One the cool whisper of the breeze  in our ears Photo Credit: Lisa Hale reminding us that winter is almost here. A day ending sooner The stars coming earlier the light hibernating next to the warmth until the Spring. Maybe it is the sound of those … Continue reading A Prayer for Late Autumn

The Day After All Saints

This morning I found someone's incomplete to-do list on my way to work. I hope the dry-cleaning was indeed picked up and the birthday cake made. How about the email that was promised? Are the dogs still waiting to be treated for ticks? Is the Halloween party planned? Not so much pithy proverb as psalm, … Continue reading The Day After All Saints

Duomo du Siena: A Brief Photo Essay

The gorgeous édifice of the Cathedral Romulus and Remus vie for attention outside. The details throughout are remarkable, and breathtaking. This is a shot of the ceiling. The floor is covered with gorgeous representations of stories from the Bible and extrabiblical lore, like the lives of the Saints. Here is the story of the death … Continue reading Duomo du Siena: A Brief Photo Essay