A Prayer for Late Autumn

Maybe it’s the crisp leaves  under our feet Holy One the cool whisper of the breeze  in our ears reminding us that winter is almost here. A day ending sooner The stars coming earlier the light hibernating next to the warmth until the Spring. Maybe it is the sound of those leaves the chill of […]

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The Day After All Saints

This morning I found someone’s incomplete to-do list on my way to work. I hope the dry-cleaning was indeed picked up and the birthday cake made. How about the email that was promised? Are the dogs still waiting to be treated for ticks? Is the Halloween party planned? Not so much pithy proverb as psalm, […]

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Love it or Leave it?

Love it for its moral promise. That brave and bold Declaration, the establishment clause, the Emancipation Proclamation, Fireworks and Juneteenth, its Jazz and sweet Appalachian rhythms, its Steinbecks and its Morrisons and all its poets, even the bad ones, its Memphis barbecue and California almond farms. Land-grant Universities that dot the rural midwest. Letter from […]

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